Monday, 8 April 2013

Download Passport Appointment Booking Software

         ''Passport Appointment Booking Software ''

Now a days  "The Passport Appointment Offline Booking Software" is The Big Discussion between Passport agent  travels and appointment takers. the Recent question Motive me write an article about it.

  What is Passport Appointment Booking Software

It mean book up to  200 more appointment in one day one computer one time .or simply it
is a  server based software use to book appointment by freezing the slot on the Passport seva web site

How it works.?

  It is server based program .on the time of publish appointment on
passport seva site freezing a set of time slot ex. 10.00  to  10:15  10:15 to  10:30. if
they are freezed in the appointment other can't book on this,other failing
booking appointment on this slot. After 15 minutes they starting book
appointment in they are freezed time slot . if   2 - 3 slot freezes they  can
book up to 50-80 appointment depends on slot
They booking for  others with high fee per appointment

Can I Download The Software On Internet.?

  This software was developed some server based ther are
find profit from booking appointment to Third party

over all India passport Seva Kendra Agents . And
  charging big fee per appointment so the make big money from it. If
publish software on internet  the work do agent it never (download click here)

publish it on internet. 

It is a illegal activity...? 

In Passport seva site  they officially allowed only 3 appointment in one IP one time. it is a hacking activity  of Passport seva site so it 100% ilegal

I'm booking appointment by a agent with this software any problem for  me or the passport holder..?

Online appointment only a passport prepossessing Activity. only existence up to take passport .  if any problem  you are responsible for it. passport holder have no problem in  future 

What are the problem of Appointment Booking Software.?

It a freezing system so Other can't Book in Freezes Time .

Passport seva Administrators know about the software .?

     by the  recent complaint from other agent they are notified it and they are
going to change the server software.



pls give me the download link

ya it working ..i'm finshed my pendimg works and now booking to other with your software thanks alo Admin 4 this...


PLZ follow instruction gay......


gay plz...note try to download using PC or laptop some mobile mode notified errors .................

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Apply passport then call 7278383860

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